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Domain Expertise

Focaal Automation (P) Ltd

Solar Energy

We offer a broad range of integrated control and information solutions to Solar Field ,that are fully tested and proven to meet industry requirements.
This includes :

  • One degree accuracy in Tracking and smooth positioning of PV Tracker.
  • Dedicated controllers used to store and transfer real time data.
  • Energy Management to help customers to control and monitor energy generation from locally/remotely.
Focaal Automation (P) Ltd

Customized Electrical Control Room E-House Systems

Our E-House solution is excellent to place any type of control panels for outdoor installation. The outer body is designed to sustain any type of climate and the interior flooring is designed with heavy metal support along with removable checker plate. This will aid in installing panels and lay cables in order to inter connect the panels as per customer’s requirements

  • The side walls are designed using metal covered glass wool and some areas are covered with heavy viewing glass to monitor the operations.
  • Fire and gas detection system installed in the E-House is another safety point in our solution.
  • Air-condition systems are provided to maintain and regulate the temperature and also provide the operator with a comfortable working atmosphere.
Focaal Automation (P) Ltd

CPG Automation Systems

Our solution aims at managing the Production, Quality and Forecasting of the CPG manufacturing plants.

  • Our line integration solution helps in analyzing the end to end real time data.
  • Our ERP systems help in analyzing resources thereby reducing raw material inventory.
  • Our asset management solution helps in addressing the issues in production line and save your programs from unforeseen disaster. It also helps in storing batch wise data in order to address customer grievances.
Focaal Automation (P) Ltd

Utility Boiler's Automation Systems

We offer total integrated electrical and instrumentation control packages for all kinds of boiler applications.

  • We are at ease with providing programming blocks for drum level control, combustion control, steam flow control and three element controls.
  • Our SCADA/ HMI solution will aid in controlling and monitoring the total operations locally as well as remotely.
  • Our proven VFD solution will increase the efficiency and life span of all fan ( FD/ID) and pumps ( FW/Soot Blowers) in the boiler application.
Focaal Automation (P) Ltd

Water & Waste Water Automation Systems

Total electrical and instrumentation control packages offered for any type of water treatment plant . Our Intelligent MCC and VFD solutions provides additional support to increase the efficiency of the plant performance

  • The standard PLC Processor along with SCADA supports the operator to control and monitor the plant operation from any where.
  • Simultaneously, our third party communication system will collect the data from any device and transfer the same to the processor.
Focaal Automation (P) Ltd

TANK Farm System and Pipe Line Automation

  • Total Integrated Electrical and control system packages offered for airport control system.
  • Baggage handling systems, Tank farm facility automation, Emergency switch interface system.
  • State-of-the art integrated Architecture solution from Rockwell Automation used to interface process, switch gear and safety into a tightly knit integrated control system.
  • High end client-server (Redundant server Architecture) configuration for SCADA/TTMS SYSTEM.
  • Completely networked system of operation for process, switchgear and field element.
Focaal Automation (P) Ltd

Energy Management Systems EMS

Our Energy management solution measures the consumption ,controls the energy usage and avoids energy wastage. Our solutions incorporate :

  • Recording - Measuring and recording energy consumption.
  • Analyzing - Measured output, such as production quantity.
  • Setting Targets – Setting targets to control energy consumption.
  • Monitoring - Comparing energy with target on a regular basis.
  • Reporting - Any variances from the targets which have been set.
  • Controlling –Correct any variances, which may have occurred.